Meet Team Schoolrunner

We're quirky. We're creative. And we're definitely a little "goodweird". Most importantly, we're all passionate about helping teachers help kids.

Charlie Coglianese

Founder, CEO & Chief Data Wizard

Lee Davis

Happiness Ambassador

Sam Genduso

Application Engineer

Ethan Martin

Happiness Coordinator

Beth Samek

Happiness Coordinator

Sarah Stern

Client Services Coordinator

Abby White

Partnerships Development Rep

Schoolrunner Mission & Vision

Schoolrunner's mission is to become the student data system of choice by providing schools with a single platform that meets all their data needs with exceptional customer service to make sure it actually solves problems.

Our vision is to give teachers professional tools to spare them precious minutes and let them bring a timely, data-informed awareness to their job of educating and inspiring.

Core Values (PACT)


We're passionate about making teachers' jobs a little easier so they can focus on helping kids learn. And that's good for everyone.


We do what we say we are going to do, period. If you have a problem, we're going to be there to help you work through it.


We believe two-way communication is the key to a successful relationship. We never stop listening, we're always moving forward together.


We know technology, you know schools. It's your feedback that turns a good system into a great one.

We are always looking for talented, passionate‚Ä® people to join Team Schoolrunner.