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Schoolrunner is now part of SchoolMint!

Schoolrunner is joining the SchoolMint family of education solutions! This union means greater innovation, increased product development, world-class support, and an enhanced commitment to the K-12 market to improve data access and insights for all.

Combining Schoolrunner with SchoolMint’s Strategic Enrollment Management solutions means even more support for teachers and leaders. SchoolMint’s solutions suite helps districts and schools attract, enroll, and retain more students and families while transforming classrooms into positive, engaged learning environments.

Schoolrunner supports your entire school community.


Time for Teachers

Optimize your classroom with access to teacher-specific tips, tricks, strategies & resources.


Administrator Bliss

Foster student growth & achievement. Improve your schools with the power of data.


Power of Parents

Be a part of your child's educational community. Learn how to help your student progress & achieve.


Student Success

Create the changes you want to see and take your achievements to the next level.


Driving student success at the nation’s most progressive schools.

Milwaukee Collegiate Academy
Choice Foundation
Achievement School District
KIPP Houston
Crescent City Schools
Student Privacy Pledge Signatory

A comprehensive management system that simplifies your day-to-day with straightforward, powerful & actionable data.


Evidence based academics

Don't just view results, elicit actionable insight from your academic data.


Track student behavior

Easily log, view and communicate behavioral performance.


Simplify attendance

Make short work of attendance tracking and reporting.


Empower your students

Watch kids track their own progress, from Report Cards to Student Slips.


Easy-to-consume data

Make molehills out of mountains. Effortlessly visualize and analyze all the data you need.


One system to do it all

Lose the spreadsheets and bring all your data tools together in one platform.


Configure your goals

Create, implement and edit goals to fit your school's changing needs.


Above & beyond school management

More than just a management system: Create the highest level of achievement for your students.

Today's classrooms are complex.
We are here to help simplify your day.

Maximize your students' achievement

Our Happiness Ambassadors have more than just awesome job titles, they have the chops to show you how Schoolrunner can maximize student achievement.

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Team Schoolrunner

“Teachers can click a button & get all their student information at one time. Leaders can compare data across schools and collaborate.”

“I was able to get 90% of my students to proficient or better because the gaps were so obvious in Schoolrunner.”

― Riley Kennedy
Chief of Staff, Collegiate Academies
― Jim Kline
Dean of Humanities, Sci Academy

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