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Simplify your classroom

Bring tools into your classroom that streamline time‑consuming tasks & highlight achievement gaps.

Simplify your classroom

Easily add and maintain student data
with an interface built for teachers.

Quickly change attendance and input assessment results en masse. Tailor your dashboards for at‑a‑glance comparisons and student overviews. Dive as deep as you like into your data with Schoolrunner's easy‑to‑use analysis tools!

“Once we started routinely using progress reports, Scholar Slips with grades on them, and scholar credentials, kids became aware of their performance and now take action to get the highest grades that they can.”

“I love Schoolrunner and I really like the mobile app. It makes parent phone calls and behavior tracking so much easier on the fly!”

― Evan Stoudt
New Orleans 2015 Teacher of the Year, Sci Academy
― Naina Gonsalves
Reading Teacher, Austin Achieve

Update attendance
and record behaviors with ease.

Assign & record merits with the tap of a finger.

Logging important information on the fly is vital to creating an efficient, interactive, and dynamic classroom. Record a late student's arrival on your desktop or mobile device with just one touch of the screen, while a few more taps gives the entire class extra merits for great participation.

Helpful tip: use speech-to-text to record your comments without typing!

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Update attendance and behavior.

No need to wait till later to record important conversations.

Communicate through the Schoolrunner App

Log details from parent phone calls with our easy‑to‑use mobile app.

Stop scribbling down conversations you'll have to dig up later. Call parents through the Schoolrunner app and you'll automatically be prompted to record call details once you hang up.

Save yourself time, keep your sanity & simplify your workday!

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Continue your education with teaching hacks, info‑packed white papers & articles.

Discover the power of data & technology for your classroom.

Successful teachers know where to go for access to time-saving teaching tips, info-packed white papers, carefully curated articles, and loads of resources: Check out the Schoolrunner blog for all this & more.

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Here's a single‑page handout you can download that explains how Schoolrunner can help transform your school's approach to data. Pass it on to your school administrator to find out if Schoolrunner is right for your school.

Sci Academy & Schoolrunner: Growing Together

Find out how one Teacher of the Year used Schoolrunner to help bring his students to the top. Learn how this powerful classroom management tool can make all the difference for time‑strapped teachers.

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