We want to help schools get through closures and challenges related to COVID-19. Here are some free resources for remote learning and tips for leveraging Schoolrunner.

Your child's progress revealed in real time

Know the highlights of your student's day before they walk through the door!

Don't wait for parent‑teacher conferences to get an idea of your student's progress. Schoolrunner's web‑based parent portal offers parents & guardians access to a holistic snapshot of your child's day, in real time.

Monitor your child's progress.

Interested in more accessible insight on your child's progress?

Schoolrunner handout

Talk with teachers & administrators about Schoolrunner.

Share this single‑page handout with your child's teachers or school administrators. It will provide them with the information they need to make the transition to a data‑driven culture.

Play a more active role in your child's success. Watch & help your student grow and achieve with Schoolrunner.

Let us cure your curiosity!

Schoolrunner supports your entire school community.


Time for Teachers

Optimize your classroom with access to teacher-specific tips, tricks, strategies & resources.


Administrator Bliss

Foster student growth & achievement. Improve your schools with the power of data.


Student Success

Create the changes you want to see and take your achievements to the next level.