We recognize the urgent need to address inequity in our country, and are actively engaging in conversations with each other and the communities we are a part of to identify ways we can get off the sidelines as individuals and as a company.

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Schoolrunner is a school achievement engine, driving student success with actionable analytics & powerful management tools.

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Optimize your classroom with access to teacher-specific tips, tricks, strategies & resources.


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Foster student growth & achievement. Improve your schools with the power of data.


Power of Parents

Be a part of your child's educational community. Learn how to help your student progress & achieve.


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Create the changes you want to see and take your achievements to the next level.


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Here's a single-page handout you can download that explains how Schoolrunner can help transform your school's approach to data. Pass it on to your school administrator to find out if Schoolrunner is right for your school.

Schoolrunner & KIPP Houston Northeast College Prep: A Cultural Reflection

Learn more about how Schoolrunner has successfully helped partner schools raise the bar on student achievement. From empowering students to supporting teachers to engaging parents, Schoolrunner works behind the scenes to seamlessly connect your educational community.

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