We recognize the urgent need to address inequity in our country, and are actively engaging in conversations with each other and the communities we are a part of to identify ways we can get off the sidelines as individuals and as a company.

Helping you realize your school's potential

Your culture influences kids' lives & drives your school's success. Let Schoolrunner handle the details so you can keep doing what you do best.

Drive your school's success

All your data. All in one place.

Schoolrunner makes it easy for your staff to enter all the information you need into one simple platform. Use that data to get a clear view of how your staff and students are doing every day, and what changes you can make to move your school to the top.

“Schoolrunner has revolutionized the way we look at education data & make decisions. From an operational standpoint, the fact that everything is in one place saves an incredible amount of time.”

“Our kids are well aware of the power of Schoolrunner… the conversation is no longer 'I didn't know'. This allows us to get to the root of a problem or know what is working with input from our students”

― Riley Kennedy
Chief of Staff, Collegiate Academy
― Gillian Quinn-Pineda
Founding School Leader, KIPP Northeast College Prep

Explore correlations, characteristics & trends to influence achievement at your schools.

Organize your data into static & dynamic groups for easy monitoring.

Identify a group of struggling students and use analysis tools to monitor their progress. Assign merits, detentions, or interventions to groups en masse, or set up scheduled tasks to assign any of these actions to any group as often as you choose.

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Use static and dynamic groups.

Drive data‑informed decisions with powerful analysis tools.

Drive data-informed decisions.

Get the information you need, when you need it.

Multiple analysis tools, from dashboards to highly configurable reports, offer you unlimited ways to view, sort, and dive deeply into your data.

Keep track of anything and everything that tells you your school's story. See how schools within your network compare and differ in various areas. Create a report that tells you which students are falling behind, while simultaneously monitoring factors like attendance and behavior that contribute to overall student performance.

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Keep a pulse on industry trends with tips & info‑packed articles to help you elevate your schools.

Stay informed with our carefully curated collection of articles, white papers & tips for school success.

Being an education leader means knowing all there is to know about your field, and leveraging that knowledge to shape successful students.

Check out our info-packed white papers and the Schoolrunner blog to keep you in the know & in control.

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Data can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to locate and dig out the facts. Download this single‑page handout to see how Schoolrunner can immediately help you harness the power of your data.

Schoolrunner & KIPP Houston Northeast College Prep: A Cultural Reflection

Learn more about how Schoolrunner has successfully helped partner schools raise the bar on student achievement. From empowering students to supporting teachers to engaging parents, Schoolrunner works behind the scenes to seamlessly connect your educational community.

Schoolrunner supports your entire school community.


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Optimize your classroom with access to teacher-specific tips, tricks, strategies & resources.


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